Executive City Drive

Executive Escapes offers all short stay guests a professional Airport Transfer Service to & from Perth Airport. We have partnered with Executive City Drive as we know they offer an efficient service to every guest. Check out below how easy it is to book in a service.


Booking an Airport Transfer in 2 simple steps: 

1. Email info@executiveescapes.com.au to receive your booking form, complete the form & email back once completed.

2. Once your transfer has been confirmed, payment will be processed, then you will receive a call to confirm the pick up details from a friendly Executive City Drive team member.

Airport Transfer Pricing: 

4 Passengers (Max)

  • Domestic Airport Pickup/Dropoff- Sedan- 3-4 people- $130

  • ¬†International Airport Pickup/Dropoff – Sedan- 3-4 people- $150

7 Passengers (Max)

  • Domestic Airport Pickup/Dropoff – People Mover – 6 people- ¬†$160

  • International Airport Pickup/Dropoff – People Mover – 6 people- $180


If you have any questions about booking an airport transfer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at info@executiveescapes.com.au.